Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bhutan on Instagram

Last October my travels took me back to Bhutan, and with iphone in hand, I shared much of the experience on instagram. Here are a few highlights for Instagram Travel Thursday (#IGTravelThursday):

The Scenery

The People

The Art & Architecture

The Textiles

The National Sport

Daily Life


Words: Travel Photography Nirvana - Bhutan
Images: Bhutan gallery
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Frozen Frames of Surf

While most of the country is frozen in winter weather, I can only complain of cold toes after surfing. So when I agreed to co-host this week's #frifotos on twitter and we selected the theme of "frozen", I accepted the challenge of diving into my photo archives to present images in line with our chosen theme. Fortunately, there will be plenty of snowy and icy shots from around the country (and the world) far more interesting than the few I have. So, as a photographer, and surfer, living in California where it's certainly not frozen, I had to get creative and came up with a different angle. So here I share some moments "frozen" in the surf as captured by the camera.

And a frozen instagram surf selfie...

Do you have freezing weather where you're at? Or a different creative interpretation of frozen? Head over to twitter and share your photos with the hashtag #frifotos all day today, along with my co-hosts: Andrew at @GAdventures, Jonathan at @Epstein Travels, Stephanie at @TravelDesigned and the one and only @CharlesYap. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Around the Tree and Around the World - 3 more years!

"Around the Tree and Around the World"  was originally created and shared for Christmas 2010, and has been one of my most popular posts. Now that I've had 3 more years of travels, I've collected many more ornaments and decided it's time to update with my newest additions from more recent travels.

I've been featuring my newest additions on instagram this week, so for this week's #igtravelthursday blog post, I am thrilled to present the second installment of my collection of Christmas tree ornaments from around the world. My rule is that each ornament must be hand-made of natural materials and aquired in the country I travelled to. No plastic, no factory or mass-produced pieces. While some are specifically designed to be ornaments, others are pieces I've modified with a hook in order to hang on the tree - but all have been crafted in the country of origin.  The newest aquisitions are from: Bhutan, Bolivia, Botswana, Ecuador, India, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Peru, South Africa, St. Lucia, Nicaragua, and UAE. You can click on the title of each slideshow to take you to the full gallery of each region. Enjoy, and happy holidays!


Asia Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


Africa Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


South America Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


Europe Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


Mexico/Central America/Caribbean Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt


North American Christmas Ornaments - Images by Kymri Wilt

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