The Best Die Cutting Machine for You


Let’s go back in time to the 18th century, during the Industrial Revolution and see how it all began for the die cutting machines. It was then when manufacturers started to use the die cutting in order to create standardized projects. In the mid-1800’ it was the show makers who began to use a mallet handle die to cut out soles. And that’s the early beginning of the die cutting machines we use today.

You can’t have an art project developing without a die cutting machine. It’s the machine that gives you a large number of shapes in just few minutes and it’s the thing to have around when crafting is your thing. The clean edges and the uniform shapes are a great reason for having a die cutting machine. And, as a plus, you do save your money while creating your own designs. For reviews on the best desktop die cutters including the newest from Silhouette, Cricut, Brother and others, see this link:

A closer look

There is a great variety of materials that you can use on the die cutting machines, going from cardstock, paper, cardboard, cloth, wood, light metals, rubber, foam to vinyl, foil, chipboard and even compressed sponges.

When we talk about the art projects you can develop with a die cutting machine, the sky is practically the limit as the machine lets you put in practice all kinds of ideas. Wall art, posters, stickers, greeting cards, collages, gift bags, jewelry- you name it and we’ll tell you if it’s doable or not.

Which type of cutting machine suits your needs?

There are many types of die cutting machines and you just need to know a little bit about them in order to decide which one to go.

If you want to go for a simple, old-fashioned machine, you can get a manual die cutting machine. You get to sandwich a die, an image and a sheet of paper between two plastic plates. You need to feed the plates through the machine and turn the crank-typically this is done on the side of the machine. Once you remove the top plate, you get to also release the cutout.

You don’t get as many functions on a manual machine as on electronic or computer-driven die cutting machines. If you have some health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, the manual die cutting machine is not the machine for you.

The manual die cutting machine is for those who want, more than anything, something very easy to use.

When it comes to an electronic die cutting machine, you only need an electronic outlet to plug it in. This type of machine is a stand-alone model and you may also find models that are as simple as the manual ones. You just need to push a button to feed the plates through the machine. The market gives you though more complex models, that require cartridges instead of dies and each cartridge may hold hundreds of images, with a specific team.

The most sophisticated type of die cutting machines is the digital die cutting machine. This is the machine if you want to replicate any kind of fonts, illustrations, shapes already stored on your computer. This type of machine comes with a software that helps you design custom patterns or trade files with other online users with the same software. Obviously enough, the computer-driven die cutting machines are the most expensive ones on the market, but, on a plus, you don’t need to buy extra cartridges as you only need to go online to get more designs.

And, if this isn’t complicated enough for you, you can always get a model that comes with DVDs and detailed user manual.

Facts to consider when buying

Die cutting machines range in price from $50 to $1000 so price is one factor to consider when buying one.

How much space the die cutting machine takes is also important, especially if you don’t have a dedicated room for it. Adjust your likings to the size of the cutting machine that fits the space for it.

Last, but not least, check-up the accessories that come along with the die cutting machine. Most of you will buy extra cartridges and this adds up to the investment. Of course, you can also get cutting tool kits, like a carrying case, rulers, scissors and so on.

Now, that you have the better image, you can actually go shopping.